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Monday, December 19, 2005

The winner of this months draw is Clair Tucker from the UK...Congrats to you Clair!
My postings have been so sparse in here this month, I'm ashamed to come in here and post anything...I promise to do better in the New Year!
I will have the new beadie pic up at the beginning of the month. It's going to be special since I've been so lax in here I'm feeling the need to be a little lavish. Maybe a pair of earrings...
In exchange for the freebie I've been asking simply that you email with some critiques of my site which I've been very appreciative of. This coming month I'm going to ask something else...that you log on to ARTZEE and vote for my site...its all about ratings , isn't it? :)
All the Best to each of you in 2006!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Hair and makeup has been done. Here is the bead up for this months draw. It is a lime green transparent hollow focal bead that has been rolled when molten onto torn bits of pure (.999) silver and tiny chips of broken glass called 'frit'. Remember, all I need from you is an email with a critique of my site, tell me what I could do to improve it. Or just say Hi...:) Email before the 3rd week in December and your name will go into the draw.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Carol Thompson of Manitoba, Canada has won the heart bead in Novembers draw. So Congrats to her! I have wracked my little brain for something new and exciting to go up for the holiday month. I just made a beautiful little hollow bead in pale green transparent..rolled it in pure .999 silver and bits of crushed glass. It's not ready for its picture just got out of the kiln this morning and doesn't have its face on yet :)but we will get it on early in the week. Hopefully you will consider it a special gift bead.
The strangest thing happened during the creation of my snowman sculptural bead. I had made the hollow and was finished shaping it when it developed a hole in the glass! It began as a pinprick and right in front of me began to widen..I plugged it with a daub of transparent glass and continued to decorate. The window into the hollow is perfectly placed in the center of the bead...I couldn't have planned it better. So, my little snowboy has a magical belly button!.. and I think he knows it..:D

Thursday, November 17, 2005

It's been a while since I rambled in here...that won't do. Most holidays that I've been on, be them long or short, have been a little harried. You're either running to make travel connections or fighting traffic or trying to find a street or the hotels are questionable...any number of incidents that can make your holiday less than perfect. Well. I was lucky enough to enjoy perfection on my little holiday this past week-end..I was with my daughter at my niece's and her husbands place in Edmonoton, Alberta. It was cleansing, it was so perfect. The company, the shopping, the eating, the laughing...oh and the eating, and the shopping and the laughing and the company. Most of all the company. It was entirely too pleasurable. I bought loads of glass and started on my Christmas buying.
Edmonton is a vivacious friendly little city that I love more and more every time I go.. population of 712,391, so it's not so 'little' but while it has all the amenities of the big city, somehow it's maintained a small town one's too busy to give you a smile or directions. Take a look here if you're interested..

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here is the freebie lampwork bead for the month of November...all you need to do to qualify is to email me! I love to get mail..if you want to critique my site please do, I'm always up for ways to improve. I'll put your name in my draw bowl and on the 3rd Friday of the month I will draw a name, and announce the lucky winner of this hand crafted glass bead all ready to go with some .925 silver findings. Good luck~

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The winner of Octobers draw is Roxanne Mendosa of Roxi Designs I've not decided what will be up for Novembers draw...maybe it will be a mystery box! :) I'll think about it and post a pic next week but its safe to bet it'll be a bead! or two, as in a pair of earrings. Congratulations to Roxanne and remember to drop me a line to get in on the draw!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Send me an email, I'll put your name in the draw on the 3rd Friday of this month, and you will be eligible to win these dainty handcrafted lampwork earrings. They're set on sterling silver wires..the glass itself is a mix of teal on deep green. Couldn't get much better deal than that..tell me who you are and where you're from and maybe, if you promise not to be too nasty, you could critique the site a little so that I can do a better job selling my work.